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Eli Lippert is a San Francisco born artist. Being raised in the Mission District surrounded by the monumental murals and art in the street inspired and sparked his interest in painting and community work. Involvement in local Non-Profit Arts Organizations from a young age grew to organizing and leading youth and community mural projects in schools and businesses throughout the Bay Area. A lifelong passion for lettering as an art form has also brought him into the world of sign painting, both creating new and restoring worn hand painted signs.


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Many of my public Mural projects are collaborations with community artists with the purpose of giving back to the community and city. Most of these projects are created with very little to no budget and are supported by the artists themselves. Here is your chance to be a part of a public Mural project in your city and give back to your local arts community.  Any amount helps and all donations are used directly for materials towards the next Mural project.

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